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Tips on Straightening Your Hair

The best way to learn how to straighten your hair is through practice, but you want to be practicing the proper techniques with our wholesale hair straightener tips. In this guide we offer hair straightener tips for your hair, so you will more quickly achieve the stunning looks you want!

The Best Hair Straightener Tips

Brush or comb your hair as you start, to make sure all tangles have been removed. You certainly don’t want to iron in any tangles, any more than you’d want to iron wrinkles into a blouse. Then, set the styling iron to the right temperature for your hair. Thin or fragile hair needs temps in the 250 to 325 degree F range. For normal or medium hair, set the straightener to 300F to 375F. Thick, ethnic, or coarse hair will require temperatures between 350F and 450F.

For longer hair, learn to be patient. Rushing the process will lead to poor results. With time, your speed will increase. Until then, put on some great music, grab a favorite beverage, and enjoy the process. It can be relaxing if you don’t rush through it!

Start with the hair closest to the hair line. Use clips to keep the rest of the hair out of the way. Take a section of hair 1-2 inches wide and about ½ inch thick. Gently clamp the straightener onto the hair near the scalp, being careful not to get too close. As if brushing your hair, gently pull the iron through in a fluid motion. Repeat if needed. Then work your way up toward the crown of your head. When you’ve completed that vertical section, move around the perimeter of your head horizontally, using the same pattern, until you’ve straightened it all. Use a mirror to look for spots that didn’t “take” and go over those again.

For shorter hair, the best hair straightener tips state that you start with plates of 1-inch or less, for greater control and versatility. To straighten and style shorter hair, use the same technique as with longer tresses.

More Hair Straightener Tips

  • Use mild shampoo and strong conditioner to protect your hair
  • Combining hair coloring and hair straightening can cause damage. Its best to do one and not both
  • If you are unsure if your hair can take straightening, talk with a professional before you try it!

By following these hair straightener tips from Olayer hair straightener factory, in no time at all, your practice will pay off in hair styles that exude professional quality!