Auto Cover Mold Surface

Auto Cover Mold Surface

Auto cover mold refers primarily covers the engine, chassis, or constitute a cab, car interior surfaces and thin steel plate-shaped parts on the car. Compared with ordinary stampings, cover with a complex shape, the material is thin, high surface quality, good rigidity, large size and the structure is characterized by multi-space surface and so on. Stamping production process generally after blanking (or material under shear), shaping, trimming, punching and flanging and other procedures to complete. Panel forming process mainly drawing (drawing) mainly include local bulging, flanging and bending and other ingredients. In most cases, is the key to the manufacture of such molded parts, it directly affects the product quality, material utilization, production efficiency and manufacturing costs.

About plastic mold material, ordinary mold usually HT300 or HT250; forming part is usually large, mass-produced using MoCr cast iron alloy cast iron or ductile iron, small quantities using HT300; repair if the red part of the material thickness is less than 1.0mm, can be air-cooled steel (7CrSiMnMoV).

Drawing, trimming and flanging is a basic process in which the drawing process is more critical of a process, which directly affects the product quality, material utilization, productivity and manufacturing costs.

Auto Cover mold machining tool types involved in a lot of guides in process, stripper plate, plate slot when the support surface and the ejector holes need to use different diameter flat cutter, corn cutters, end mills, drills and taps and other tools.