Hot Runner Plastic Injection Mold

Hot Runner Plastic Injection Mold

Hot runner mold can keep the plastic material melting in runner and gate by durative heating. Hot runner system includes  nozzle, hot manifold, temperature controller box, spare parts and so on.

  • What are some advantages of hot runner mold in plastic injection molding process?

1, Shorten the molding cycle time.

Because there is no limit of runner cooling time, the products can be ejector promptly after forming. The cycle time of many thin wall parts which manufactured by hot runner is under 5 seconds.

2, Save the plastic raw material. There is no cool runner in the hot runner system mold, so wasting material will not appear. If the plastic material you use is very expensive, pls choose hot runner for it can reduce the cost of material fee.

3, Expand the application of injection molding process .Hot runner plastic injection mold

Many advanced technology in plastic injection molding developed on the basis of hot runner technology. Such as PET perform, stack mold and so on.

  • What about the maintenance of hot runner mold?

Hot Runner Systems requires a new level of expertise on the part of the mold maker. However, this does not mean that it is too complicated or highly specialized. A well designed system is relatively maintenance-free if it is installed correctly.It can and should happen that tool makers frustrated with these systems and I swear I have too much trouble. This is usually due to the fact that the system is not installed correctly or incorrectly used in the mold.L ‘leading system manufacturers are in support of a well-trained team of specialists to support the proper installation and operation of systems. The time required to listen to these specialists is a good investment!

  • There are several types of hot runner systems?

There are almost as many species are the suppliers! Most have some common characteristics, however. There Sprue gating systems, valve gates, doors peak (most common) and gate edge. Each of the major suppliers candescribe in detail why their system is best suited for your application. Hot runner systems are some of the key components of the form

As a long-term performance

Although an initial investment with hot runner systems, it is easy to justify the long-term benefits. Without increasing the complexity of the design of form, a hot runner plastic injection mold equipped to reduce costs significantly. Because the hot runner is designed and produced independently but at the same time,The times are not affected.Toolmakers should always advise their clients on ways to reduce costs and forms to improve the performance of the mold. His in-depth systems with various runner is a line of common sense shows an active role in supporting the processor down. This in turn increases the likelihood of even more business for mold.

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