Plastic Injection Mold China

Plastic Injection Mold China

With the wide scale of packaging, manufacturing and production operations so abundant in the present times, the need for a highly efficient and streamlined system is very essential. For a bulk production of goods many major suppliers need to have the most sophisticated technology available in the market.  This is where plastic mold and injection molding machine come into play. These machines are instrumental when it comes to large scale production of units and have a very wide applicability in a number of industrial sectors like consumer goods, automobile, pharmaceuticals, aerospace industries etc.  So where do these Injection Molding Machine Suppliers come into picture? It is obvious that all these industries are dependent on them to cater to their diverse needs? And keeping in view this rising demand, a lot of suppliers have introduced such injection molding machines with fully automated robots to increase the turnover and tackle the problem of mass production in minimal time. Read more

New Business Development Manager at Sandvik for US Auto Industry

Sandvik Coromant has a new business development manager, Ignacio Telleria, for its customers in the US automotive industry. Telleria will be responsible for the development of working relationships with US automotive companies, in addition to developing and supporting plans to make Sandvik Coromant the key supplier of high-tech cutting tools to the automotive industry.

Telleria began his career in cutting tools and the automotive industry in Mexico over 20 years ago and has accumulated a wide range of experience.

“Ignacio brings a wealth of automotive knowledge and experience to this position,” says Mike Abberley, president of Sandvik Coromant US. “Together with his 15-year commitment to Coromant, this makes him the obvious choice to lead this important effort for our company.”

Telleria now lives in Michigan, and will be based out of Sandvik Coromant’s offices in Pontiac.

University in U.S. Signs License To Use Trexel Process Technology

The University of Wisconsin at Madison (UW-Madison) has signed a license with Trexel Inc. for the use of MuCell® microcellular process technology at its Polymer Engineering Center. The university has also purchased MuCell processing equipment.

UW-Madison offers instruction and research in polymer engineering and science. It is said to be the first American university to incorporate microcellular injection molding into a teaching curriculum and research program. Trexel is the exclusive worldwide developer and licenser of MuCell.

Professor Lih-Sheng (Tom) Turng, associate director of the Polymer Engineering Center, says: “A recent survey of members of the PEC industrial consortium determined that learning about microcellular molding was of paramount importance to them. We see this as indicative of MuCell’s emergence as a mainstream processing technology.”

He went on to say: “This acquisition will enable us to further understand the physics of the process and will allow us to work with industrial consortium members to implement the technology in specific industrial applications within such areas as the automotive, consumer electronics, and medical sectors.”

Study Shows Strong Growth in Italian Injection Molding Industry

According to a new report from the Applied Market Information Group, a leading global market research consultancy, the Italian injection molding industry is now second only to that of Germany in terms of polymer consumption, and has the highest number of injection molding sites in Europe, with up to 5,000 businesses. The AMI report identifies more than 1,500 of these companies with detailed information on their activities.

The study shows an industry that has been innovative in the areas of design and engineering, with a strong position in the automotive, electrical, and domestic appliance industries. However, it is the packaging industry that is the major consumer of resins, accounting for nearly 27% of the 1.4 million metric tons consumed by Italian injection molders in 2001.

The packaging sector also has some of the largest molding groups such as PET preform manufacturer Alpla-Werke (owner of Tetra Pak), Schmalbach-Lubeca, Inca International and Cobarr, as well as closures manufacturers Crown Cork and Seal, Guala, and Bormioli Rocco & Figlio S.p.A. Furniture and household markets are also significant within the Italian industry.

AMI’s analysis shows that the consumption of thermoplastics within the injection molding industry grew by an average of 5.3% per year throughout the 1990s. During the 2000-2005 period, demand for injection molding in Italy is expected to grow above the average for thermoplastics overall, at about 4% per year

Injection Molding Machine

Basic Parts of a Plastic Injection Molding Machine

A Plastic injection molding machine or the injection press is used by most plastic manufacturers to produce plastic through the process of injection molding. Through this machine, the process of molding plastic products can be quickly done, which can either be in vertical or horizontal position. There are two major parts that make up the plastic injection molding machine, and these are the injection unit and the clamping.

The injection unit is part of the machine where plastic is being melted. The parts that work during the injection process are the hopper, reciprocating screw, barrel, heater and the nozzle. When the plastic granules have been added to the hopper, it will slowly go down into the barrel. It will then be pushed by the reciprocating screw through the heater. Using the appropriate temperature the plastic will then be melted and through the nozzles it will be passed to the clamping unit.

injection molding machinery
injection molding machinery

This is the part of the plastic injection molding machine where the molding process will take place. The clamping unit consists of mold cavity, mold, and the moveable platter. From the nozzles, the melted plastic will be pushed to the mold cavity where the plastic is going to be cooled down and hardened. After it has hardened, it will be transferred into the mold and to the moveable platter. The plastic will be removed from the plastic injection molding machine to clean its surface. It must be free from any excess plastic and once it is already clean it can now be stored for finished product.

The plastic injection molding machine is very useful especially to those who are involved in the plastic business. More plastic manufacturers use this machine because it will speed up the process that will result for increase in the productivity and profit.

Revamped, Streamlined Website on Surface Preparation Is Easier to Use

Visit the website of USF Surface Preparation Group and you’ll find a cleaner, more attractive appearance with revisions based on input by customers, employees and vendors. The site, at, is designed to communicate the group’s total solution for surface preparation throughout the world. It identifies products marketed and sold in the United States and Europe.

In a few months, the site will be translated into German and French, and a version specifically designed for the United Kingdom.

In an effort to streamline the site, its designers have grouped major product categories together on the home page. Choosing any of the product categories allows you to see the product subcategories and products that relate to each of the major headings. The result is a site that is more logical and user-friendly.

Injection Molding

Do you know the name of the process by which most plastic solid materials are produced? It is called Injection molding. It is a simple process. However, the process may require practice for efficiency.

What is the process of Injection molding

During the process of plastic injection molding, the plastic is heated till it melts and is introduced, under pressure (injected), into a mold. The mold may be made up of any metal such as steel or aluminum. The molten form is then allowed to cool down and set into a solid form. The plastic material thus formed is then retrieved out of the mold.

The actual process of plastic molding is just an expansion of this basic mechanism. The plastic is let into a barrel or chamber under gravity or force-fed. As it moves down, the increasing temperature melts the plastic. Then, the molten plastic is forcibly injected into the mold under the barrel with an appropriate shape. As it cools, it solidifies. The plastic molded like this has a reverse shape than that of the mold. A variety of shapes both 2D and 3D, can be produced by the process. The process of plastic molding is cheap due to the simplicity involved and the quality of the plastic material is modifiable by changing the factors involved in the custom injection molding process:

– The pressure of injection can be changed to change the hardness of the final product.

– The thickness of the mold also governs the quality of the article produced.

– The temperature for melting and cooling determine the quality of the plastic formed.


The major advantage of injection molding is that it is very cost effective and fast. Apart from this, unlike the cutting processes, this process rules out any undesired sharp edges. Also, this process produces smooth and finished products that require no further finishing.

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Custom Injection Molding

Custom injection molding has been a fast moving, chaotic, and challenging business on the world today. It also has a high potential for profit, despite the international competition and tight margins. You want to succeed, you see the possibilities, but today the global pricing and high expenses make it very difficult.

Plastic injection molders are in the almost ideal business to benefit from the lean plastic mold manufacturing process. if you want to win the market, the better idea is learn more process in this industry.

The lean manufacturing process is an integrated approach to reducing waste. It could be time or material or anything else; waste is waste and waste equals money in business. It requires a shift in thinking to approach efficiency from this vantage point, rather than always striving to do more, do it faster, do it better.

Six Sigma

Implementing six sigma requires that management is dedicated to making it work in the long run. Employees are often cynical toward new programs because, in the past, many programs amounted to little more than slogans and banners.

Using a six sigma consulting firm is a good idea, once you have educated yourself in the basic principles. The time and expense of hiring an outside consultant will pay off handsomely over time. If you have the personnel to mange your six sigma implementation in-house that is even better; though they will certainly need some additional training.


5S training will give you a huge boost in your lean manufacturing process. This is because the results are so immediate and visible. Everyone likes having the tools they need, the materials in the proper place with labels, and a general atmosphere of everything in it’s place.

It is relatively easy to get your employees to go along with a 5S program. Within a week you will see changes in your production area and the attitude of everyone. Find the key people, train them, give them the authority and communicate with the entire workforce in order to avoid grumbling and confusion.


When you conduct a kaizen blitz, or event, you pick an area or a process and focus exclusively on it. This is a great way to make progress and get people involved because it is by nature short and intense. It is a bit like cleaning up you kitchen before your mother-in-law comes for a visit! You hyper-focus on one area after another until the whole is done.

One drawback though with a kaizen blitz is that it can be mistakenly understood to be the entire process. It is just a component and it should be regarded as such. If it becomes the program, you will not really change the culture or become much more efficient in your operation.

How to get going

It is a good idea to talk to successful shop owners who have benefited from the lean manufacturing process. You will find them enthusiastic and quite willing to open up, for the most part. You should also read and gather information so you can make wise decisions rather than totally rely on the opinion of a consultant. In the end, you will certainly need outside help, but you also need a thorough understanding of the process yourself.

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Injection Mold Design

Guidelines in Choosing an Injection Mold Design

The importance of processing or creating plastic is not only based on the machine. Although it is where the process starts, the molding part is as important as the melting of the plastic. When the plastic has already been melted and it is transferred into the molding part where the plastic is being cool and hardened, the finished product is soon developed. However, the hard part in the molding process is choosing the right design that you must use.

When choosing your injection mold design there are some important factors that you need to consider. The first factor on the list is the thickness of the mold design. It is important that the thickness of the mold must be uniform to avoid the product from sinking, residual stress, and warping. The wall of the injection mold design must be thick enough in order for the product to have a good exterior design, which means not very thick or very thin. It must also have enough radius on its corner, which should be at least ¼ wall thickness or higher. However, it is still important that your injection mold design must be according to the size of the product that you’ll be processing. An appropriate thickness on the design will also determine the products cooling cycle. You must know the right time when the product is ready to be taken out of the injection mold design. It is also advisable to use a draft with its measurements to make the process much easier. You can also use a gusset or ribs to reduce the product’s thickness especially if it is not uniform.

Injection mold design will still vary on the product that you’ll be producing. Make a draft and calculate well the measurement so that your finish product will have a good quality.

Mold Manufacturer China

We are a mold manufacturer China Company That offer one stop service from part desgin, mold design,tooling, mold manufactruing and masive procution and assembly.

Whether your company has old paper drawings to update to CAD or needs 2D CAD drawings converted to 3D models, HYX Mould Design can offer a whole service second to none. If you have 3D models that need visualisations for marketing or for checking aesthetic qualities, we can do that too. We can also offer a surface modelling service if your solid modelling package cannot produce the organic shapes that your design requires. A cavity / core splitting service is also available.


    If your company has a project either at concept stage or already progressing HYX Mould Design can manage your project by working with specialized companies, working to fast track your ideas through to manufacture. Working closely with your company we work through the project cycle minimizing problems to keep the project on track & on time.

Mould Design

      Mold manufacturer China Company from HYX mold is Designing the mould in 3D has many benefits over older 2D methods. Not only is there the capability to design far more complex moulds but also the ability to thoroughly inspect the design through interference checking. With the more organic shapes used in today’s product designs split lines are becoming far more complex, and the ability to use the solid / surface model data generated during the mould design for both split line & cavity / core creation not only saves valuable programming time, but also eliminates mistakes caused by human error & drawing misinterpretation.

       All mould plates are also supplied as 3D models. Hard copy drawings which are fully checked can be generated according to customer specifications, & if required can be fully tolerance for complete interchangeability of inserts. Drawings have notes to link drawings to specific model files ensuring the correct model is used for the particular drawing revision. Plate drawings are supplied with hole charts.

Part Product Design

      Whether you already have a concept or just a few sketches, HYX Plastic Molds Design can transform your idea into a 3D solid model which can be developed as the project progresses. The model can then be prototyped using various rapid prototyping processes so that form & fit can be fully checked. If required, visualization for marketing purposes can also be produced from the solid model data. These visualization  can also be a valuable aid in meeting aesthetic requirements. Product design is approached with the toolmaking process of paramount importance. Draft angles, blends and all elements of design to ensure that the mould design can be undertaken without any further model modifications are considered. This ensures that time to market is reduced to a minimum.


   HYX Mould Design can offer fast track training in solids / surfacing techniques & also in injection mould design. This training can range from very basic use of the software up to very advanced tasks including complex split line creation & building full 3D mould assemblies.

Plastic Bumper mould

In reality, Plastic bumper mould restore (or method part molding, doorway handles, fender flares, et cetera) is really extremely price tag effective. There is an awesome offer of components to take advantage of plastic material bumper mould repair, but right here we’ll concentrate on three most exceptional components for calling a bumper mould restore store within your area.

Increase the worth of Your Car

At some point within of the future, you will most probably market or buy and sell within your car. Its resale worth should certainly be centered on how outdated it is, the situation within of the engine and interior, and yes, what the exterior appears like. should you have paint chips, tar from path construction, or other unsightly harm in the direction of plastic material molding of your vehicle, you can drop out on a massive variety of bucks you can have set up for the profit with just merely a tiny work and money in your part.

With merely a tiny cost (and yes, it is scaled-down than you think), you could get your bumper mould repaired or other plastic material components refinished and painted to create your car glimpse as excellent as new.

Save Money

It’s surprising that individuals think plastic bumper mould restore fees additional than it does. In fact, acquiring a plastic material doorway deal with repaired can price tag much lower than $100, and plastic material bumper mould restore can price tag in between $199 and $399, depending in your sort of vehicle. Car bumper mould restore stores often provide best quality restore companies at a fraction of what a conventional car method store would charge.

Many plastic bumper mould amenities will arrive for the home and restore your car. This also saves you income merely because you don’t need to hold away of hold out or waste materials gasoline producing throughout village to some restore shop. Of course, this suggests you also don’t need to sit near to within of the store for hours, leaving the inconvenience for you as tiny as possible.

Service You Can Rely On

A trustworthy plastic bumper mould program should certainly possess the ability to precisely compare to the coloring of your car. Repairing your plastic material car components will provide exceptional last results and restore your car in the direction of way it looked the morning you purchased it.

Most restore stores provide guarantees on plastic mold restore services, which means you understand which you can hold your car back again may something go wrong, but a specialized restore store will do this sort of the superb job you won’t need to worry.