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Tips on Straightening Your Hair

The best way to learn how to straighten your hair is through practice, but you want to be practicing the proper techniques with our wholesale hair straightener tips. In this guide we offer hair straightener tips for your hair, so you will more quickly achieve the stunning looks you want!

The Best Hair Straightener Tips

Brush or comb your hair as you start, to make sure all tangles have been removed. You certainly don’t want to iron in any tangles, any more than you’d want to iron wrinkles into a blouse. Then, set the styling iron to the right temperature for your hair. Thin or fragile hair needs temps in the 250 to 325 degree F range. For normal or medium hair, set the straightener to 300F to 375F. Thick, ethnic, or coarse hair will require temperatures between 350F and 450F.

For longer hair, learn to be patient. Rushing the process will lead to poor results. With time, your speed will increase. Until then, put on some great music, grab a favorite beverage, and enjoy the process. It can be relaxing if you don’t rush through it!

Start with the hair closest to the hair line. Use clips to keep the rest of the hair out of the way. Take a section of hair 1-2 inches wide and about ½ inch thick. Gently clamp the straightener onto the hair near the scalp, being careful not to get too close. As if brushing your hair, gently pull the iron through in a fluid motion. Repeat if needed. Then work your way up toward the crown of your head. When you’ve completed that vertical section, move around the perimeter of your head horizontally, using the same pattern, until you’ve straightened it all. Use a mirror to look for spots that didn’t “take” and go over those again.

For shorter hair, the best hair straightener tips state that you start with plates of 1-inch or less, for greater control and versatility. To straighten and style shorter hair, use the same technique as with longer tresses.

More Hair Straightener Tips

  • Use mild shampoo and strong conditioner to protect your hair
  • Combining hair coloring and hair straightening can cause damage. Its best to do one and not both
  • If you are unsure if your hair can take straightening, talk with a professional before you try it!

By following these hair straightener tips from Olayer hair straightener factory, in no time at all, your practice will pay off in hair styles that exude professional quality!

en149 ffp2 mask

FFP2 kid face mask mask

We are FFP2 kid face mask building company in China, we build youngsters FFP2 face masks for youngster (boys and girls) between 3-14 years of ages. our youngsters ffp2 face mask respirator are fish style (shape), it is very easy to put on, our kids ffp2 masks that have two unique colour, blue for boys and green for girls, we can create custom color of FFP2 youngsters face mask according to your need, our ffp2 children mask manufactured according to EN149 standard and passed CE certificate, we have kids ffp2 mask Europe warehouse which remains in German, contact us if you are looking for more detail.

Those FFP2 NR kids face masks models made by Olayer youngsters ffp2 face mask respirator producer are filtering half covers that are recommended when security of the respiratory system is required.

They are FFP2 quality according to EN149:2001+ A1:2009 standard and meet the assistance from the WHO. They are advised for use by the World Health Organization during outbreaks of Coronavirus and SARS.

FFP2 kid face cover have a minimum of ninety-four percent (PFE ≥ 94%) filtering percent and highest eight percent (≥ 8%) leakage to the inside. They are largely used in agriculture, construction, and by healthcare experts against influenza viruses. They are currently applied for protection versus the COVID-19.

These filtration en149 children ffp2 masks are sourced in China.

The Child FFP2 masks coming from Olayer children ffp2 face mask organization are a half-mask respirator that protects the mouth and nose when fitted appropriately. They have two elastic ear loops to keep the face mask in location and are white in color. They also have a little metal section that sits across the bridge of the nose when being used.

Features for the kids FFP2 NR face mask respirator

FFP2 mask for children with protection feature.

Breathable and anti-fogging.

Filtration efficiency ninety-four percent( PFE ≥ 94%).

3D filter, promising sufficient area for breathing and adapting rightly to the contour of the face to provide full protection.

Advise period of use: eight hours.

Made in China (Europe CE certificate plus EN149:2001+ A1:2009 testing report).

Four layers of textile: 1st layer is 50gsm non-woven fabric, 2nd layer is 25gsm water electronic melt-blown cloth, 3rd layer of 25gsm water electronic melt-blown cloth and inner layer is soft 25gsm non-woven fabric material. see below is our kids ffp2 face mask design feature.

Easy breathing: The children ffp2 dusk face mask is equipped with non-woven fabric material layer, a double layer anti-static cotton cloth and a soft non-woven fabric layer. Can filter out ninety-four percent of particles in the air, our kid ffp2 face respirator have the lowest breathing resistance, as low as ffp1 specification, that means our youngsters ffp2 mask respirator will be easy to breath like free breathing.

Properties: Kids ffp2 face masks are breathable, relax, and skin-friendly, permitting you to use them with self-esteem. The 4 layer filtration rate reaches ninety-four percent (PFE ≥ 94%), effectively filtering, pm 2.5, dust, car exhaust, air pollution, universal fits, elastic headbands and around the mouth nose, all of our children ffp2 NR mask respirators that have the 99% filtering effect (PFE ≥ 99%), that means you pay for FFP2 face mask price but have ffp3 mask respirator, you can check this from our EN149 testing report.

Simple store: Dustproof children ffp2 mask respirator is foldable 3D fish shape, simple to store, and can be used outdoors and indoors. Designed for children, perfect for children aged 3-14.

Use with caution:

Clean your hands. Before handling a new kids ffp2 mask, wash your hands totally with soap and water. Take a new youngsters ffp2 face mask, and locate it in front of your face.

The right orientation of the upper part of the item. It is vital for the hide to mold itself rightly to the reliefs of the face. Cover the nose and mouth with the mask, ensuring that there are no spaces among the face mask and the face.

Please check for a good fit prior to use.

Long facial hair that does not entirely fit under the mask will prevent the mask from forming a proper seal with your face.

Please do not utilize the kids ffp2 mask in case of inadequate air quality, including severe air pollution or anoxic (low oxygen) conditions.

Do not use the face mask under explosive conditions.

After use, please dispose of the face mask following local laws.

The mask is only for single use; do not use repetitively.

children ffp2 mask

children ffp2 mask

How to put a FFP2 youngsters face mask respirator on?

Hold the kids ffp2 mask respirator with the nose bridge pointed upwards and pull out the bands with your hands.

Place the kids ffp2 face cover on your face to make sure that it covers nose, mouth and chin.

Place each band around each ear.

A face mask strap card clasp is featured for better convenience– just simply hook the straps to the card buckle to prevent irritability to your ears! Also fits much smaller head sizes of kids.

Readjust the nose bridge to ensure that the children ffp2 face cover fits tightly on your face. The filtering half mask is intended used for protection against solid and oily particulates, liquid like coal dust, cement dust, single-use.

If you are looking for child ffp2 face masks and adult en149 ffp2 mask from China or Germany FFP2 mask companies & suppliers, contact us or contact our Germany office by kruse@olayer.eu (Mr. Hans-Juergen Kruse, Tel.: +49 (0) 2334 92722 90), to know more detail.

high speed blow dryer

The best hair speed hair dryer

Olayer is the best hair dryer company in China, offer high speed blow dryer, infrared hair dryer, light weight high speed hair dryer, cold air hair straightener, cold air hair curler, hair straightener brush and other hair styling iron, if you looking for hair dryer wholesale company, or OEM/ODM contract hair dryer manufacturer, welcome to contact olayer.com

You do not wish to have your hair cluttered and unkept at whenever of the day especially when you are not in the your bed. Therefore it is essential to have a personal hair set that would certainly hold all necessary tools and devices that would aid you to maintain your hair properly groomed. One of the devices you would be requiring in your is the high speed blow dryer which made by Olayer China hair dryer company. But what assurance does one have of getting to buy the very best hair dryer with the various sorts of hair blow dryer brands in the market today? Individuals who are much more experienced know that it is not enough for you to have a hair blow dryer for you to have your hair styled properly. If the brand name of hair dryer you pick is not of excellent quality, you are most likely not going to end up in your very best appearances. Your hairstyling ability might not be appreciated if your hair dryer is unsatisfactory.

As an indispensable device in the hair kit, hair blow dryers have helped to stop dripping hair around the house. And if you are lucky to have actually landed yourself with among the very best hair blow dryers, you would be able to style your tresses in nearly any hairstyle of your deciding on. I require not to worry the need for a very good hair dryer better then. Nevertheless, before you can decide out of the various sorts of hair dryer brands on the market, you must take care to comply with a few put down guidelines and overviews that would make the procedure really quick. This is needed because without the specialist recommendations to assist you, there is a high chance that you would be fooled by the sales agents in their stores where these kinds of tools are sold off who are actually only interested in boosting their own sales.

Before a hair dryer can be branded as one of the very best hair dyers, it must be able to show specific sterling features that indicates it out being one of the absolute best. When due considerations are provided before your order is made, you stand a great chance of striking a good deal with the purchase.

You might prefer the hair dryer you purchase to possess the capacity to dry your hair within the shortest possible time. It is therefore essential for you to consult the wattage of the hair blow dryer you are considering. A hair dryer branded as the most effective hair dryer should have the power to unleash at least 1,500 watts. If you get plana to acquire your curly hair straightened, a high speed hair dryer from Olayer hair dryer company with greater power is needed which would be about 1,800 watts. A professional hairstylist might want to go for the very best hair dryer and this commonly is the type you might find with any one of such people.

A part of your time needs to be committed to drying your hair each time it needs drying. You might need to spend about fifteen minutes or extra of your time working this. When you take into consideration the reality that you would continuously require to have the hair dryer held above your head with the nozzle pointing downwards to your hair, then you would certainly also quickly agree that a light weight belongs to the features that you need to try to find in recognizing the best hair dryer type. A light-weight style can help you from suffering untold hardship when you set about drying your hair.

Often time attachments come along with hair dryer. There are however some sorts or brands of hair dryers that do not have any attachments in their packages. What may probably decide on the need for certain attachments is your hair type. A curly or wavy hair for example would require a diffuser. This attachment might aid you drying your hair without causing it have tousled or frizzed. A sleek and stylish appearance can be produced with a small nozzle attachment. This is because the airflow is managed through a more specified hole that gets your hair dried up more quickly. Not all hair blowers are mindful of this in the designing of their nozzles. For you to select the best hair dryer that is in the market-place, verify and discover that the style it has would certainly provide you nothing at all but the best in terms of satisfaction.

If you really want the most reliable best hair dryer your cash can buy, parts of some things you should count crucial to view are the heating and speed settings. It constantly even better for you to go for brands that can provide you a minimum of 3 speed options. This is needed because you would be able to access total control over the various stages of your hair drying. The standard procedure when you are set up for hair blowing is to start first with high speed and heat which would then be lowered to a cool blow that helps you set your hair in the favored style. Improvement in technology has brought about the availability of ionic, tourmaline and ceramic hair dryers and of these can be the hair dryer that would serve you well.

Geodetic Systems Announces Expansion of Distribution Partnership in France

Geodetic Systems Inc. (GSI), a leading U.S. provider of portable 3D coordinate measurement systems, has announced it will expand its distribution partnership with ESIC-SN of France. ESIC-SN, which specializes in the field of 3D measurement by optical techniques, will provide full market support for GSI in France and Belgium. ESIC-SN works primarily with clients in the power generation field, aeronautics and space, and the automotive industry.

Geodetic Systems is renowned as a solution provider in the field of industrial photogrammetry and 3D digital imaging—the only company based in the Americas that offers this technology for industrial measurement. With the launch of its all-new INCA3 digital photogrammetric camera (photo) this year, now the company’s flagship product, GSI has been focused on building product awareness for V-STARS family of 3D coordinate measurement systems, which is aimed at users involved in inspection applications in industries such as aerospace, nuclear power, automotive and shipbuilding. GSI is also planning for international growth, especially in the European marketplace.

In announcing the expansion of GSI’s partnership with ESIC-SN, Geodetic Systems president John D. Brown said, “ESIC-SN is the ideal V-STARS reseller with their emphasis on quality customer support, and in-depth industry knowledge. Metrologists and engineers in the French and Belgium marketplace benefit greatly from their expertise in the field of industrial photogrammetry.”

ESIC-SN is a well-established firm providing the full spectrum of sales, engineering services, technical support, installation and training to meet the needs of their user base. ESIC-SN will also focus their efforts on proactively marketing and expanding the V-STARS product line into new accounts, and upgrade accounts to the high-precision INCA3 camera.

Geodetic Systems Inc. (GSI) is an international supplier of industrial photogrammetry solutions for the industrial measurement/metrology marketplace. GSI develops and markets the V-STARS. GSI distributes its products via a worldwide network of industry partners. Founded in 1977, the privately-held company is located in Melbourne, Florida.

AMBA Schedules Its Annual Convention for 2005 in Florida

The American Mold Builders Association (AMBA) has scheduled its 2005 annual convention for March 2–6 at the Key West Hilton Resort and Marina in Key West, Florida. Under the theme “The Keys to Your Success,” the convention will feature programs focusing on issues for running a successful mold manufacturing operation.

Jack Faris, president and CEO of the National Federation of Independent Businesses, will report on the state of manufacturing and small business competitiveness. Faris is recognized as a leading spokesperson for small business in America. “If you run a business,” he says, “you’d better get involved in politics, or politics will run your business.”

Hoop Roche, chairman and chief marketing officer of Erie Plastics in Corry, Pennsylvania, will discuss globalization from his perspective and what U.S. molders and mold makers can do to maintain competitiveness, strengthen the industry and meet customers’ requirements.

Brett Kingstone, founder and CEO of Super Vision International, won $41 million in damages from a Chinese manufacturer who stole Super Vision’s intellectual property after Kingstone awarded the work to this offshore company. Kingstone will show photos of the Chinese factory and discuss the dangers of offshoring a new product, how the manufacturer stole his product, and he won the long fight for the damage award.

In “Business Transition Planning from Start to Finish,” Richard Tanner, president of Ownership Advisors Inc., will provide advice to mold company owners regarding succession planning. As a professional succession planner, Tanner knows the critical nature of succession planning to ensure the survival of both the business and family. He will also conduct a breakout session for those wishing to sit down and get more detailed information.

“What the (bleep) Do We Know about Beryllium Copper?” will be conducted by Cliff Moberg, president of Performance Alloys & Services, a maker of beryllium-free copper alloys, and Nate Gildersleve, director of technology at NGK Metals Corp., a producer of beryllium copper. This session will sort fact from fiction and hype from reality.

Other highlights of the convention:

  • Karla Dobbeck of Human Resource Techniques will discuss human resource issues, including performance reviews.
  • In “Are You at Risk for Liability Issues?”, Dean Mandis of the Gibson Insurance Group will discuss the liability that private business owners face not covered by their general policies.
  • In “How Do You Compare to Other Mold Shops?”, Mike Balsan of Gibson Insurance Group will present the results of the AMBA’s Winter 2004 benefits survey.
  • “H/R Open Forum” will feature Karla Dobbeck, Mike Balsan, and a panel of mold company executives for a Q&A; session on “Best Practices for Human Resource Issues for Mold Shops.”

Objet Geometries Chooses ACMA as Sales Partner in Scandinavia

A partnership agreement has been announced by Objet Geometries, developer of inkjet-based, three-dimensional rapid prototyping systems and materials, for ACMA AB to sell its products in Scandinavia. Objet views Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland as an excellent market for its RP systems since there are many medium-to-small factories and manufacturers there, as well as large corporations who need to have a quality inkjet technology to produce accurate models quickly and reliably.

ACMA president and owner Ragnar Hasliger says he decided to work with Objet because of its extensive experience in inkjet technologies, and because of the appeal of its PolyJet™-based technology.

One recent Objet customer is Norway-based Vinn Design AS (formerly FEM Design AS), which develops and designs products for the electronics, satellite communications, medical and engineering industries. Vinn Design’s director of marketing, Rolf-Atle Tomassen, says the company invested in Object technology because of its ability to produce prototypes in every stage of product development quickly and accurately.

Nordic Light AB, which designs and manufactures high-performance energy-efficient display lighting fixtures, has also purchased an Objet system because it will speed product development and shorten its time to market.

New Business Development Manager at Sandvik for US Auto Industry

Sandvik Coromant has a new business development manager, Ignacio Telleria, for its customers in the US automotive industry. Telleria will be responsible for the development of working relationships with US automotive companies, in addition to developing and supporting plans to make Sandvik Coromant the key supplier of high-tech cutting tools to the automotive industry.

Telleria began his career in cutting tools and the automotive industry in Mexico over 20 years ago and has accumulated a wide range of experience.

“Ignacio brings a wealth of automotive knowledge and experience to this position,” says Mike Abberley, president of Sandvik Coromant US. “Together with his 15-year commitment to Coromant, this makes him the obvious choice to lead this important effort for our company.”

Telleria now lives in Michigan, and will be based out of Sandvik Coromant’s offices in Pontiac.

University in U.S. Signs License To Use Trexel Process Technology

The University of Wisconsin at Madison (UW-Madison) has signed a license with Trexel Inc. for the use of MuCell® microcellular process technology at its Polymer Engineering Center. The university has also purchased MuCell processing equipment.

UW-Madison offers instruction and research in polymer engineering and science. It is said to be the first American university to incorporate microcellular injection molding into a teaching curriculum and research program. Trexel is the exclusive worldwide developer and licenser of MuCell.

Professor Lih-Sheng (Tom) Turng, associate director of the Polymer Engineering Center, says: “A recent survey of members of the PEC industrial consortium determined that learning about microcellular molding was of paramount importance to them. We see this as indicative of MuCell’s emergence as a mainstream processing technology.”

He went on to say: “This acquisition will enable us to further understand the physics of the process and will allow us to work with industrial consortium members to implement the technology in specific industrial applications within such areas as the automotive, consumer electronics, and medical sectors.”

Study Shows Strong Growth in Italian Injection Molding Industry

According to a new report from the Applied Market Information Group, a leading global market research consultancy, the Italian injection molding industry is now second only to that of Germany in terms of polymer consumption, and has the highest number of injection molding sites in Europe, with up to 5,000 businesses. The AMI report identifies more than 1,500 of these companies with detailed information on their activities.

The study shows an industry that has been innovative in the areas of design and engineering, with a strong position in the automotive, electrical, and domestic appliance industries. However, it is the packaging industry that is the major consumer of resins, accounting for nearly 27% of the 1.4 million metric tons consumed by Italian injection molders in 2001.

The packaging sector also has some of the largest molding groups such as PET preform manufacturer Alpla-Werke (owner of Tetra Pak), Schmalbach-Lubeca, Inca International and Cobarr, as well as closures manufacturers Crown Cork and Seal, Guala, and Bormioli Rocco & Figlio S.p.A. Furniture and household markets are also significant within the Italian industry.

AMI’s analysis shows that the consumption of thermoplastics within the injection molding industry grew by an average of 5.3% per year throughout the 1990s. During the 2000-2005 period, demand for injection molding in Italy is expected to grow above the average for thermoplastics overall, at about 4% per year

Injection Molding Machine

Basic Parts of a Plastic Injection Molding Machine

A Plastic injection molding machine or the injection press is used by most plastic manufacturers to produce plastic through the process of injection molding. Through this machine, the process of molding plastic products can be quickly done, which can either be in vertical or horizontal position. There are two major parts that make up the plastic injection molding machine, and these are the injection unit and the clamping.

The injection unit is part of the machine where plastic is being melted. The parts that work during the injection process are the hopper, reciprocating screw, barrel, heater and the nozzle. When the plastic granules have been added to the hopper, it will slowly go down into the barrel. It will then be pushed by the reciprocating screw through the heater. Using the appropriate temperature the plastic will then be melted and through the nozzles it will be passed to the clamping unit.

injection molding machinery
injection molding machinery

This is the part of the plastic injection molding machine where the molding process will take place. The clamping unit consists of mold cavity, mold, and the moveable platter. From the nozzles, the melted plastic will be pushed to the mold cavity where the plastic is going to be cooled down and hardened. After it has hardened, it will be transferred into the mold and to the moveable platter. The plastic will be removed from the plastic injection molding machine to clean its surface. It must be free from any excess plastic and once it is already clean it can now be stored for finished product.

The plastic injection molding machine is very useful especially to those who are involved in the plastic business. More plastic manufacturers use this machine because it will speed up the process that will result for increase in the productivity and profit.